Senior Software Engineer (JavaScript)

  1. Full-time, permanent opportunity based in our Melbourne office
  2. Be part of a team that values great engineering principles and practices
  3. Solve real customer problems with autonomy, self-direction and a healthy work-life balance

The Role

Qantas Hotels believes that the best creativity comes when a diverse group of people work together to reach a shared objective. We form cross-functional Product Teams, focused on data and employing modern agile and lean practices to maximise customer value.

We are a small Qantas Group company. We operate an accommodation business offering 2.5 million hotel and Airbnb listings to Jetstar and Qantas travellers. We enjoy all the support and advantages of being part of one of Australia’s most successful and loved brands, but operate like a small, nimble digital product company. Our core purpose is to provide a seamless and rewarding accommodation experience for every Qantas Group traveller.

You’ll guide the team through strategic planning, product inception, discovery, delivery, launch and optimisation. You’ll help the team exploit validated product ideas and explore new ones. You’ll set the tone for the culture and work practices of the team, helping them to maintain and extend their position as an industry-leading group.

The purpose of the Qantas Hotels Customer Experience team is to help customers find the right accommodation for the best possible price. We do that by optimising the path to purchase with a seamless, personalised user experience. We’re successful when customers are quickly finding the right deal and booking it.

We Are Looking for

A Senior JavaScript Engineer to help us rebuild and then evolve our customer-facing web application. The new application has a React front-end serviced by a Node back-end, it uses Redux and is Server Side Rendered.

Who you are

  1. You are always learning, open-minded, collaborative, willing to experiment with new ways of doing things and open to receiving and providing constructive feedback.
  2. You have demonstrable experience developing and writing tests for modern JavaScript client application(s) - preferably React.
  3. You understand the value of simplicity and know how to write maintainable, clean code that adheres to standards.
  4. You have a solid understanding of browser rendering behaviour and performance.
  5. You’ve had experience and enjoy leading technical discussions and coaching less experienced team members

What You’ll Do

  1. Collaborate with Product and Design to define and create an experience that will meet the goals of our customers.
  2. Write reusable well tested React components.
  3. Contribute to the decisions and trade-offs that are required to meet our team’s objectives.
  4. Work with back-end applications and manage application deployment.
  5. Collaborate on and ensure the technical feasibility of UI/UX designs.
  6. Write code that works across a multitude of devices, screen sizes and browsers.
  7. Optimise the application for performance and scalability.
  8. Help the team perform better by introducing significant improvements to technology, process and practice
  9. Work with a team that cares about web accessibility and removing barriers that prevent interaction with, or access to our application, by people with disabilities.
  10. Be part of a wider software engineering community at Qantas Hotels that is friendly, fun and ambitious about applying technology for the benefit of our customers.

If you're interested in joining our team, please get in touch. We'd love to hear from you.

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About Qantas Hotels

Qantas Hotels (formerly Hooroo) is a wholly-owned Qantas Group company that offers accommodation to Qantas and Jetstar customers. Despite being a relatively new business, we help thousands of customers choose the best accommodation option every day and are well positioned to continue that impressive growth.

We’re incredibly proud to be part of the larger Qantas Group family and are equally proud of our unique culture of operating like a nimble, highly autonomous, outcome-focused digital product company. Despite our products carrying the Qantas and Jetstar brands, we’re a newcomer and underdog in a fiercely competitive accommodation marketplace and we relish the opportunity to capitalise on our competitive strengths to advance that position.

Qantas Hotels comprises a diverse and highly engaged team who are collaborative, creative, respectful, analytical, open to new ideas and like to get the job done.

How we work

We believe that the best creativity comes when a diverse group of people work together to reach a shared objective. We form cross-functional Product Teams, using modern agile and lean practices to maximise customer value.

Standups, retrospectives, showcasing, pair-programming, user story kick-offs and design discussions are some of the common sights you’ll find at Qantas Hotels.

Our values

Qantas Hotels actively values diversity in our teams. We work in an inclusive way, sharing ideas and solving problems together. Our team is authentic and communicates openly, with sensitivity and integrity.

By eliminating waste and focusing on the right thing, we can afford to build quality in from the start. We’re open to trying new things, reflecting together to optimise every aspect of how we work, from personal development to our tools and practices.

We trust our teammates and appreciate their individual qualities, insights, and experience.

Culture and perks

  • Working practices designed to be as diverse and engaging as possible
  • Flexible working options
  • A culture of experimentation
  • Knowledge sharing practices that are ideal for personal development
  • Strong emphasis on good product and engineering principles
  • Personal training budget
  • Generous staff travel with The Qantas Group and other airlines
  • Discounts on hotel accommodation
  • Referral bonus programme
  • 10% time to express creativity and try things out
  • Great colleagues who care about each other